The Warrior's Table: Recipes That Cultivate Connection Through War, Change, and Uncertainty

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The Warrior's Table tells the story of life in the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community through the experiences of real SOF spouses and families across the service branches.

Our family dinner team, The Cast Iron Crew, shares recipes from decades in SOF and how they safeguard what matters most. This unique cookbook is more than just that--it's a book of delicious recipes and a guide to connecting and thriving in this demanding lifestyle.

Living intentionally in special operations is incredibly hard. It's easy to let "common pitfalls" slip in and break down simple habits needed to endure and overcome challenges that inevitably arise. Mealtime can be a family and community ritual that reinforces routines and habits to counter those pitfalls, because shared mealtime is not about being tied to an oven or the dinner table it's about fundamentally caring for the minds, bodies, and hearts of those in your life. Mealtimes are ultimately about building belonging to a family, a community, and lifestyle.

In addition to the book highlighting history, culture, and family life strategies, The Warrior's Table covers what it is like to live life as a special operations family from unit selection to well past a family's time of service. In the ten chapters and many sections within, we story-tell of universal SOF experiences.