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Chained Eagle by Edward "Otto" Pernotto

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Chained Eagle is the debut novel by Ed "Otto" Pernotto. Ripped from today’s headlines, Retired Navy SEAL Mike Brooks, lies battered, alone, in an Iranian prison, facing execution.His distraught daughter, lied to by the US government, enlists the help of a billionaire and small team of special operations veterans to plan the impossible breakout. Unearthing a dubious 60 year old CIA idea as the means to escape, retired Special Operations Sergeant Major Ben Fletcher volunteers for the dangerous nighttime parachute drop, while he harbors a secret of his own.As the region careens dangerously close to war, a rift emerges at the highest level of the Executive Branch fueled by deception and intrigue. With no government support, and halfway around the world, can this small team overcome one of the world’s top military's for this daring rescue?Written by a thirty-year military veteran with formidable special ops, aviation, and military planning expertise, retired Air Force Reserve Colonel Ed “Otto” Pernotto has crafted an action adventure thriller that takes readers through twists and turns in what is ultimately a timeless story of human character and compassion.