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Five Years To Freedom: The True Story of a Vietnam POW Chuck Yeager Goes Supersonic: An Action-Packed, True Flying Adventure Living and Breathing: Just Another Day in Vietnam

When Green Beret Lieutenant James N. Rowe was captured in 1963 in Vietnam, his life became more than a matter of staying alive.

Young readers will love the legend of the great American aviator, Chuck Yeager, who grew up from humble beginnings to become the first person to fly a plane faster than the speed of sound.

On the 27th of June, 1968, a battle, one of many that preceded and succeeded it, was fought on the eastern fringe of a place called War Zone D, approximately 70 miles north of Saigon.

Michelin Tire's Battle of Normandy Map 82nd Airborne Division All-American Chorus A Soldier Looks Back
A Soldier Looks Back
Our Price: $14.99

Historic WWII reproduction map.

60 Years of Airborne [1942-2002]

Memories and Reflections of a Combat Veteran, from Normandy to Afghanistan

The Age of Sacred Terror: Radical Islam's War Against America Bonded In Battle Special Operations Patrol Vehicles: Afghanistan and Iraq
Bonded In Battle
Our Price: $16.99

Winner of the 2004 Arthur Ross Book Award from the Council on Foreign Relations

The patrol vehicles used by Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Rangers Lead the Way: Pointe-du-Hoc D-Day 1944 Tora Tora Tora Los Banos Prison Camp
Tora Tora Tora
Our Price: $18.95
Los Banos Prison Camp
Our Price: $18.95

In the early hours of D-Day, 1944, a group from the US Army 2nd Rangers Battalion were sent on one of the legendary raids of World War II.

In the early hours of December 7, 1941, the Japanese First Air Fleet launched a massive air-strike against the American Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
Uncle Matty Comes Home Tiger Hunters: Special Operations in Korea (Behind the Lines of the Chinese and North Korean Forces 1950-1953) Heroes Of WWII
Uncle Matty Comes Home
Our Price: $19.95
Heroes Of WWII
Our Price: $19.99
On Saint Patrick’s Day 2016, Jim Farrell received a surprising email: an M-1 rifle engraved with the name M. Teahan had been discovered in Normandy 72 years after its owner, Martin (Matty) Teahan, Jim’s uncle, had been killed in the June 1944 D-Day invasion of France. A young private in the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Matty had been laid to rest beside his fellow heroes in the Normandy American Cemetery, but now French Army General Patrick Collet was writing to inform the family that Matty’s rifle had been recovered and was safe in his possession. Luck of the Irish!

Compelling history of special operations in support of U.S. eight Army's critical struggle of survival during the Korean War.

History in its finest hour!

Freedom Express: Caught Between Iraq and a Hard Place The OSS Crossbows Rudder: From Leader to Legend
The OSS Crossbows
Our Price: $24.95

This fascinating, eye-witness account from 2008 of one Soldier's wartime view of how freedom is expressed in this great country of ours and the choice to return to America either as an angry Soldier or peaceful Warrior.

OSS Crossbows is the story of a special branch of weaponry, often shrouded in mystery and secrecy, the true study of which has been hidden in top secret files for fifty years.

Saint-Mere-Eglise: D-Day, June 6th 1944 A Higher Standard: Leadership Strategies from America's First Female Four-Star General Fighting Blind: A Green Beret's Story of Extraordinary Courage

With these and other guiding principles, A Higher Standard offers practical, tactical advice that everyone can use to lead and achieve with maximum success.

Fighting was a practiced routine for Lieutenant Ivan Castro. But when a mortar round struck the rooftop of his sniper’s post in Iraq, he found himself in a battle more difficult than even he could have imagined. The direct hit killed two other soldiers and nearly claimed Castro’s life as well. Mangled by shrapnel and badly burned, Castro was medevac’d to Germany more dead than alive. His lungs were collapsed. He couldn’t hear. One eye had been blown out, the nerve to the other severed.

In the weeks and months that followed, Castro would find that physical darkness was nothing compared to the emotional darkness of loss and despair. Desperate for a reason to live, he eventually fought his way back to health through exercise and a single-minded goal: running a marathon. Once he set his course, there was no stopping him. Stubborn to a point that at times bordered on insanity, he managed not only to recover but to return to active duty. Since 2007, he has run over two dozen marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2013, where he was one of the runners diverted when the bombs exploded.

[Hardcover, 304 pages, Ivan Castro (Author), Jim DeFelice (Author)]

A Dusty Boot Soldier Remembers The Boys of Benning: Stories From The Lives of Fourteen Infantry OCS Class 2-62 Graduates Sons and Soldiers
Sons and Soldiers
Our Price: $28.99
This book is a captivating read about life in the military. 24 Years of improbable but true tales of service in Uncle Sam's Army

The Boys of Benning highlights the lives of fourteen graduates of a 1962 Infantry Officer Candidate School class-before, during, and way after OCS. These men came from all across America to compete for officership in the United States Army. They emerged victorious from the crucible of OCS, and went on to serve our nation-in and out of the Army. Twelve of these fourteen men served combat tours in Vietnam. Most were wounded in action there; some more than once. They were point men in the so-called Cold War. For them, it was often hot war.

Beyond the battlefields of Vietnam and the long war's divisive impact on American unity, these "Boys of Benning" persevered in their patriotic duty. They rose to the challenges and opportunities of higher rank and responsibility with confidence born from competence. Whether they remained in uniform-as most did-or left the Army to pursue civilian careers, the men whose stories leap from the pages of The Boys of Benning exemplify the time-honored traditions of Duty-Honor-Country.

[Hardback, 284 pages, Dan Telfair (Editor)]

On War Enduring Vietnam Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam
On War
Our Price: $29.00
Enduring Vietnam
Our Price: $29.99

On War is the most significant attempt in Western history to understand war, both in its internal dynamics and as an instrument of policy. Since the work's first appearance in 1832, it has been read throughout the world, and has stimulated generations of soldiers, statesmen, and intellectuals.

"Undoubtedly one of the most useful books ever written."--The New Republic

[Hardback, 732 pages, Carl von Clausewitz]

Enduring Vietnam recounts the experiences of the young Americans who fought in Vietnam and of families who grieved those who did not return.

The first battle book from Mark Bowden since his #1 New York Times bestseller "Black Hawk Down", "Hue 1968" is the story of the centerpiece of the Tet Offensive and a turning point in the American War in Vietnam.

In the early hours of January 31, 1968, the North Vietnamese launched over one hundred attacks across South Vietnam in what would become known as the Tet Offensive. Played out over 24 day and costing 10,000 lives, the Battle of Hue was by far the bloodiest of the entire war. “Hue 1968” is a gripping and moving account of this pivotal moment.

“An extraordinary feat of journalism . . . full of emotion and color.”―Karl Marlantes, Wall Street Journal

[Hardcover, 608 pages, Mark Bowden]

Cartoons For Victory Mother of Normandy: The Story of Simone Renaud The Vietnam War
Cartoons For Victory
Our Price: $34.99
The Vietnam War
Our Price: $60.00
This book showcases comics about Superman, Donald DUck, Mickey Mouse and other characters helping to fight World War II

Simone Renaud bridged an ocean. In the early morning darkness of June 6, 1944, the wife of Ste. Mere-Eglise Mayor Alexandre Renaud bore witness to freedom's salvation. In the days and weeks that followed, as the U.S. wounded and dead passed before her eyes, she made a simple vow that would last the rest of her life, and beyond. "Never forget."

[Hardcover, 118 pages, Jeff Stoffer]

“This is a story of unparalleled bravery of one of the most combat-effective units in the Vietnam War, the precursor of today`s Delta Force. An exciting read…places you in the middle of the action!”