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Soldier's Night Before Christmas
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"The Soldier's Night Before Christmas" by Trish Holland and Christine Ford.

It's a perfect book for bedtime. Your kids will love the way the author describes how the troops overseas react to a little piece of home sent their way.. the perfect Christmas story!!
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Young readers will love the legend of the great American aviator, Chuck Yeager, who grew up from humble beginnings to become the first person to fly a plane faster than the speed of sound. This beautifully illustrated book shows scenes of Chuck as a boy in rural West Virginia, describes his wild flights as a test pilot in the U. S. Air Force, and recounts the terrifying bumping and rattling flights as he neared the "sound barrier." The book presents a chapter on what the sound barrier is and why it is so dangerous. The reader can experience, with Chuck, the beautiful moment of success as his rocket plane breaks through to supersonic speeds. Young people will remember always this heroic story and the legendary pilot who took the world of aviation into a new era.
How I Became A K9 Commando
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A story about a Dutch-born puppy and her journey to become a member of
the greatest fighting force in the world  …Learn about adversity,
dedication, gratitude, love, and sacrifice through the eyes of a Special
Operations Forces K-9.  The story is about a dog named Patty, who talks
about her Dutch upbringing and how she “tried out” for the most elite
military unit in the world and made it!  She explains her specialized
training and how she was injured in the war, her recovery and her
retirement.  She also talks about biting bad guys….YES!  She wants
everyone to know that she is doing her job and maybe a bite is not as
bad as a bullet?  She also talks about sacrifice, gratitude, and death.
  Special Operations Forces (SOF) multi-purpose canines (MPC) are not
traditional military working dogs (MWD).  Unlike traditional MWDs that
have been around since the First World War, SOF MPCs have only been
around since 1998 and not publicly known about until around 2005.    
What makes these dogs so special is the amount of time and training that
goes into each dog, usually years before they actually deploy.  They
are not gate guards, narcotic detectors or single purpose dogs with a
few months of training.  They are typically patrol and explosive
detection dogs that can work off-leash, and make “decisions” without a
handler instructing their every move.  There is much more to it than
that, but this IS a kid’s book!  The dogs are loved and are valuable
assets to the unit and men.  They are never sacrificed and every attempt
is made to accomplish the mission without harming the dogs.  When a dog
is MIA or KIA, not only his handler feels the loss but the entire
community.    The intent of “How I Became a K9 Commando” is to share our
love for these dogs and show some of the remarkable things they can do.
 Also, if we can educate the public a bit, teach children about
sacrifice and gratitude and hopefully raise some funds to continue our
goal of honoring SOF handlers and their dogs, then we have succeeded!